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Telefonica Background

Serving as a cross-platform storage architecture featuring high reliability and secure data sharing, Object Storage Service (OBS) provides customers with secure and reliable data storage at an affordable price. OBS delivers powerful capabilities, including bucket creation, modification, and deletion as well as object upload, download, replication, modification, and deletion. It can store any type of files and is suitable for common users, websites, enterprises, and developers.

As an Internet-oriented service, OBS provides web service interfaces (WSIs) over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Service (HTTPS). Users can use OBS Console or clients to access and manage data stored on OBS from any computer connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere. Additionally, OBS is compatible with most Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) application platform interfaces (APIs). Users can invoke the Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs of OBS and software development kits (SDKs) to develop software adapting to upper-layer applications or connect to the Amazon S3 storage. This allows users to focus on service applications instead of the underlying storage implementation technologies.

Open Cloud features flexible expansion and allows infrastructural deployment in multiple areas, while delivering rock-solid reliability. Users can deploy OBS in specific areas based on site requirements for rapid access speeds at an affordable price.