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Telefonica Background
  • Telefonica is steadily moving toward a model of continuous, agile service development and evolution, which is a sign that years of innovation initiatives and the reintegration of the digital business into the core of its enterprise and consumer offers are bearing fruit.

    Evan Kirchheimer, Ovum

    January 2017
  • Cloud has become a default platform for digital transformation. The industry's major battleground in 2017 will be how, from where and at what price cloud transformation services are delivered to customers. CSPs are also seeing Cloud and connectivity as the foundations for the digital transformations their customers are undertaking. We have long believed there is a need for an innovative approach to delivering on-demand network services from the telco sector, in the same way that the hyper-scalers are delivering compute and storage resources.

    William Fellows, 451 Group

    January 2017
  • Organizations are leaving behind the cloud experimentation stage and are looking for strategic relationships with cloud technology providers. Seeking strategic partnerships, large-enterprise customers will look for the breadth of a cloud service provider's (CSP's) vision and execution.

    Gartner, Predicts 2017: Cloud Computing Enters Its Second Decade

    December 2016
  • Integration, data management, and enterprise architecture have long been aspirations for IT. With cloud, these practices have become more complex. And they’ve shifted from leading practices to critical core disciplines. Virtually every enterprise should be developing a strategy to integrate, aggregate, and orchestrate its collection of cloud and on-premises assets.

    Andy Main and John Peto, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    March 2015
  • “ The world of IT is in the midst of a massive structural shift — from the PC- and client/server-based "2nd Platform" of technology growth and innovation to the "3rd Platform" era: built on a foundation of mobile, social, Big Data, and cloud technologies.

    Today, virtually all business innovation is based on this new platform, with hundreds of thousands to millions of high-value, industry-transforming solutions and services for altering the end customer experience being built on this new platform. Datacenters are the foundation on which many of these services are built, and their role as the most concentrated source of on demand compute and storage capacity and the largest repositories of data will expand dramatically in the next five years.

    The key question that remains is which companies will have the insight, capital, and commitment to design, build, and operate such datacenters to reliably and dynamically deliver transaction, content serving, archiving, and analytic capacity on time, with no delays and no excuses to individuals and organizations around the world.”

    Melanie Posey, IDC Research

    March 2015
  • Cloud service providers will look to offer regional and local cloud capabilities in EMEA, APAC and LATAM to address worries about legal jurisdictions and data privacy. Global cloud service providers will look to grow their local datacenters, establish partnerships, and invest in targeted capabilities to avoid regulatory uncertainties and identify niche segments that would help create a differentiated strategy.

    451 Research

    March 2015