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Telefonica Background

EVS provides you with high-performance, persistent block storage. You can use the EVS to create disks and attach them to ECSs so that the ECSs can access and use the disks.

EVS provides the following features:

  • Allows you to expand the EVS disk capacity elastically to meet the increasing requirements for storage capacity.
  • Provides ultra-large storage capacity. A single EVS disk supports up to 32 TB of space.
  • Work with VBS to provide the backup service and restores data in the event of an exception, for example, the misoperation, attack, or data tampering.
Category Feature Description
Basic function

Creating EVS disks (in batches) You can create one or multiple EVS disks.
Listing EVS disks You can list all created EVS disks and sort them by setting filter conditions.
Attaching an EVS disk You can attach an EVS disk to one ECS.
Detaching an EVS disk You can detach an EVS disk from an ECS.
Deleting EVS disks (in batches) You can delete one or multiple existing EVS disks.
Capacity expansion Expanding capacity of an EVS disk You can expand the capacity of an EVS disk.
Backup Backing up an EVS disk with VBS For details, see the product documentation of the VBS.
Creating an EVS disk using the backup You can create a new EVS disk using an existing EVS disk backup.