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Telefonica Background

IMS provides you with a flexible, web-based management console to manage IMS images. You can create custom images to quickly deploy your applications and modify backups.

IMS allows you to:

  • Use public images with mainstream OSs installed.
  • Create ECSs using images available in a region.
  • Create a private image using an existing ECS.
  • Query details about a private image.
  • Delete an existing private image.
  • Upload an image file and register it as a private image.
Category Feature Description.
Private image management     Exporting an image from an ECS You can convert an ECS into a private image that is available in the whole region.
Querying image attributes You can query private image attributes, including the name, OS type, OS bit version, system disk size, creation time, description and other attributes.
Editing an image You can edit attributes of a private image.
Deleting an image You can delete a private image.
Registering an image You can upload an image file and register it as a private image.