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Telefonica Background
  • Application management

This feature enables users to create, update, delete and query Docker container applications. It also supports management of application templates and component templates.

And enables users to update an existing application to new version, and the update can be defined with policies.

  • Graphical orchestration

This feature provides a graphical orchestration tool for users to define topology structures by dragging components and to deploy applications.

  • Private image management

This feature enables users to manage private images, such as uploading, updating, or deleting images.

  • Cluster management

This feature enables users to manage container clusters, such as creating, updating, or deleting a container cluster.

Container specifications are restricted by the node specifications and the node number of the cluster.

And enables users to scale out/in cluster node manually.

  • Application Elastic scaling

This feature enables users to scale required resources based on load conditions of applications to flexibly respond to Internet traffic changes.

  • Monitoring and log query

This feature enables users to monitor applications' CPU usage and memory usage with a graphical display. It also supports collection and download of logs.

  • ELB to Application

This feature enables user to apply ELB to Application.