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Telefonica Background

Bare Metal Service provides you with powerful bare-metal server management capabilities. The following capabilities are provided for you to provision and manage your bare-metal servers and to develop upper-layer service applications:

  • A web-based management console (B/S architecture) that enables visibility
  • A host-based web client (C/S architecture)
  • RESTful APIs that are compatible with native Amazon S3 APIs

Bare Metal Service allows you to:

  • Create bare-metal servers using pre-defined images and specifications in a specified region as well as delete bare-metal servers.
  • Manage bare-metal servers, including provisioning, deleting, querying, modifying, starting, stopping, and restarting bare-metal servers.
  • Configure automatic management policies to automatically delete expired bare-metal servers.
  • Attach shared EVS disks to and detach the disks from bare-metal servers.
  • Configure networks for bare-metal servers to communicate with VMs belonging to the same tenant as the servers.
Category Feature Description.
Bare-metal server management

Bare-metal server provisioning You can provision a bare-metal server and install an OS on it. Up to 100 bare-metal servers can be provisioned for each tenant.
Automatic management You can configure automatic management policies for bare-metal servers to automatically delete expired servers.
Bare-metal server lifecycle management You can provision, delete, query, modify, start, stop and restart a bare-metal server.
Attaching/Detaching EVS disks You can attach EVS disks to a bare-metal server to provide reliable shared block storage for it.
Connecting to a tenant network You can connect a bare-metal server to a tenant network to enable it to communicate with VMs belonging to the tenant.