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Telefonica Background
  • Simple Deployment
    The deployment and configuration are simple and can be completed with a few clicks. The automatically created CCPS nodes include management and storage nodes. The OS, management system of work scheduling engine, and workflow editing system are deployed in batches, which is efficient and fast.
  • Self-Service GUI and Flexible Scaling
    You can use the management console to deploy new nodes in self-service mode. You can flexibly manage horizontal capacity expansion of computing nodes, add computing nodes, and meet differentiated CPU, memory, and disks requirements for various supercomputing services. You can also expand the capacity of storage nodes in self-service mode. Services will not be interrupted during the expansion, and the capacity is automatically added to disks after the expansion.
  • User-Friendly Process Design
    Graphical design tools are provided to simplify process design and improve work efficiency. Various processes are supported to meet complicated service process requirements. You can import and export the processes.
  • Easy to use and Flexible Management
    You can use the centralised management console to easily manage all IT resources in the entire high-performance computing cluster. You can monitor the CPU load of computing nodes in real time on the management console and query the task distribution and execution status.