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Telefonica Background

VBS provides disk backup services. A web-based management console is provided for you to back up your EVS disks.

VBS provides the following functions:

  • EVS disk-level backup service
  • Manual backup
  • Backup task status query
  • Online incremental backup for EVS disks
  • Efficient EVS disk reversion to the original state
  • EVS disk creation using data backup
Category Feature Description
Manual backup

Creating a VBS backup You can manually create a VBS backup for an EVS disk. You need to set the backup name and description.
Deleting a VBS backup You can delete one or multiple existing VBS backups.
Querying a VBS backup You can query all backups of a tenant. The backups can be filtered by EVS disk.
Restoration Reverting an EVS disk You can use a VBS backup to revert an EVS disk to its original state.
Creating an EVS disk You can create an EVS disk using a VBS backup.
Quota management Default quota A tenant can create up to 360 VBS backups by default.
Changing the quota The administrator can change the backup quotas of tenants.