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Telefonica Background

Direct Connect is a service that allows you to establish a dedicated network connection from your public OpenCloud node and your private network, the Telefónica datacenter and other OpenCloud nodes. Direct Connect allows you to set up a dedicated network connection between OpenCloud and any of the available Telefonica Cloud, hosting and Comms services. Depending of the use case we can categorize Direct Connect usages as:

  • DataCenter Connect: It enables you to connect Open Cloud, with hosted environments in Telefonica DataCenters to create the best fit for your specific needs. Giving you the performance of traditional hosting plus the scalability of OpenCloud.

  • WAN Connect: enable enterprises to establish a dedicated, high-speed, stable, and secure network connection from their computing environments to OTC. Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a type of Open Cloud Connect. With MPLS Open Cloud Connect, you can establish a dedicated network connection between servers at a remote location to Telefónica Open Cloud.

  • Region Connect: allows OC customers to connect different OC regions (available in BR, US and ESP).

You can use a web-based management console to create Direct Connect services, submit orders, start establishing connections, and complete establishing connections.