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Telefonica Background

The RTS service is orchestration service that provides a template based orchestration for describing a cloud application by executing appropriate OpenStack API calls to generate running cloud applications.

A RTS template describes the infrastructure for a cloud application in text files which are readable and writable by humans, and can be managed by version control tools.

Templates specify the relationships between resources (e.g. this volume is connected to this server). This enables RTS to call out to the OpenStack APIs to create all of your infrastructure in the correct order to completely launch your application.

The software integrates other components of OpenStack. The templates allow creation of most OpenStack resource types (such as instances, floating IPs, volumes, security groups, users, etc), as well as some more advanced functionality such as instance high availability, instance autoscaling, and nested stacks.

The RTS service needs to work with Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Elastic Load Balance (ELB), and Elastic Volume Service (EVS), and Cloud Eye Service (CES).