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Telefonica Background

MaaS allows users to control the migration operations by themselves. A web-based self-service management console and related tools are provided for users to easily and quickly configure MaaS and shorten the migration process of complicate application stacks.

MaaS provides the following features:

For the Object Storage Migration Service:

  • Breakpoint continuously transferring: Object storage can be continuously transferred in the event of a breakpoint. If the network connection is broken during the transfer, users can pause the process and retransfer the object data.
  • Support for APIs: Users can send HTTP or HTTPS requests to call APIs to manage the Object Storage Migration Service.

For Image Migration:

  • Obtaining cloud server specifications using the Image Tool
  • Exporting images from cloud servers of cloud service vendors to object storage buckets using the Image Tool
  • Migrating images using the Object Storage Migration Service: Users can online migrate images from object storage of other cloud vendors to OBS on Open Cloud.
  • Registering images as private images using IMS: Users can register images in QCOW2 format using IMS to Open Cloud.
  • Creating ECSs using private images

For Database Migration:

  • RDS for MySQL migration: Users can migrate RDS for MySQL of other cloud vendors to RDS on Open Cloud.
  • Dumping the source database into an SQL filewith mysqldump
  • Importing SQL files to RDS for MySQL