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Telefonica Background

MaaS is a migration service consisting of the Object Storage Migration Service, Image Migration, and Database Migration. MaaS provides self-service capabilities for users to migrate object storage, cloud servers, and RDS for MySQL of other cloud vendors to Open Cloud.

The migration operations are simple. Users can easily complete migration tasks by creating automatic migration tasks using the console or manually performing migration tasks. The object storage, cloud servers, and RDS for MySQL migrated using MaaS runs stably on Open Cloud.

  • Object Storage Migration

Users can migrate the data in the source object storage on other cloud vendors using buckets, folders, or files to the destination OBS on Open Cloud.

  • Image Migration

Image Migration, as a subservice of MaaS, can be used to migrate images running on other cloud vendors to Open Cloud.

  • Database Migration

With Database Migration, users can migrate the RDS for MySQL from other cloud vendors to RDS on Open Cloud.