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Telefonica Background

CES provides you with the following functions:

  • Automatic monitoring: The system automatically starts monitoring based on the resources obtained. Apart from certain ECS metrics, you do not need to install any plug-ins to monitor service metrics.

    You must install PV driver (Para-Virtualization Driver) to obtain the monitoring data of five ECS metrics (CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, Inbound Rate, and Outbound Rate) for ECS instances.
    • After resources are obtained, you can view monitoring data for the monitored objects on the CES console.
    • After generating raw data, you can export it within two days.
  • Flexible alarm function: You can flexibly set alarm rules on any of the monitoring metrics, configure alarm thresholds, as well as enable or disable the alarm function.
    • When adding an alarm rule, you can select multiple monitored objects for a single metric to add monitored objects in batches.
    • You can modify the parameters of the alarm rule, such as the alarm threshold. The modified alarm rule will take effect at the start of the next monitoring period.
    • If the monitored object of the alarm rule is not used temporarily, you can disable the alarm rule, and then enable the alarm rule if the object is used again.
    • If the monitored object of the alarm rule is no longer used or has been deleted, you can manually delete the alarm rule.
  • Real-time notification:You can configure alarm notification to receive short messages or emails when alarms are generated.
    • If the alarm status is changed, for example, when an alarm is generated, if the data becomes insufficient, or if the alarm is cleared, the system sends short messages to phones or emails to the email box configured when you register on the website.
    • If an alarm is not cleared for a long period of time, the system only sends a notification to you when the alarm was generated.
  • Following metrics: On the Dashboard page of the CES console, you can follow a metric of a monitored object or delete a followed metric. After following a metric, you can view monitoring data concerning it each time you log in to the CES console.
Feature Description
Dashboard On the dashboard, you can check the number of metrics and the real-time status displayed in the charts of followed metrics.
Instance Monitor You can view the real-time status displayed in the charts of all metrics for corresponding monitored objects and export the raw data on this page.

You can perform the following operations on this page:

  • Creating an alarm rule
  • Modifying an alarm rule
  • Deleting an alarm rule
  • Enabling or disabling the alarm function
  • Enabling or disabling alarm notification
  • Viewing the real-time alarm status