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Telefonica Background


Feature Name

Feature Description

Management functons for tenant administrators

Self-service desktop subscription

Enables tenant administrators to subscribe to the Workspace instance by themselves online.

Invitation email for end user

Send a email to the user who got a new desktop virtual machine that created by tenant administrator.

User login record

Records information about logins by end users, such as the login time and terminal types.

LiteAD authentication

A type of Linux AD, which enable username and password authentication.

Customer AD integration

Interworks with the existing AD domain of a tenant.

HDP policy management

Configure HDP policies to control peripherals such as printers, usb devices.

For end users

Window 7 experience desktop

Delivering the same user experience as Windows 7 based on Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit OS.

Mutiple devices access

Enables desktop access using Windows and MAC computers, Android and iOS mobile phones and Pads.