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Telefonica Background

SMN service possesses the following main functions:

  • Access mode: SMN provides a web-based management console, on which you can manage the SMN resources, and APIs for you to access the SMN service.
  • Topic management: Topic is a collection of messages, which is the basic unit for message data isolation. You can create a topic, to which multiple types of subscriptions can be added. The subscription types include email, SMS message, HTTP, and HTTPS.
  • Subscription management: You can add or delete subscriptions. The subscription takes effect only after the subscriber confirms the subscription. Currently, the following subscription protocols are supported: Email, SMS, HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Subscription cancellation: A subscriber can cancel the subscription. After a subscription is canceled, SMN pushes a re-subscription message to subscriber. If the subscription cancellation is a misoperation, the subscriber can re-subscribe to the topic using the link provided in the re-subscription message.
  • Message template management: You can send messages using a customized message template. In one template, you can create different content for different message protocols, and then send messages using the same template name.
  • Topic-based message pushing: After you push a message to the topic, and the system sends the message to all confirmed subscribers added to the topic. You can send messages using the message structure or message template, so that subscribers using different protocols receive different message content.
  • Direct message pushing: You can directly push messages via SMS messages, emails, HTTP, or HTTPS. This function is available only for cloud services, instead of tenants.
  • Topic policy management: The default topic policy is that only you, the topic creator, can add subscriptions to the topic and push messages. You can customize your topic policy to grant topic operation permissions to other users and cloud services.
  • Integration with other cloud services: SMN can obtain the events or alarms reported by other cloud services, such as CES, AS, OBS, and Anti-DDoS.