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Telefonica Background

DMS supports the following features:

  • Multi-tenant sharing

As a cloud-native service,   DMS is directly available for use without deploying any hardware or software.

  • Message queue management

  DMS provides a web-based console for tenants, allowing them to manage message queues.

  • Simple APIs

DMS provides simple RESTful APIs for accessing messages.

  • High-security access control

Integrating with the IAM system,   DMS provides certificate-based unified access authentication, allowing only authorized tenants to access message queues.

  • High-reliability storage

With built-in reliable mechanisms,   DMS stores queue messages in different partitions. Each partition has three copies of messages. It also supports fault tolerance, fault discovery, and online data migration.

  • Fault proofing

  DMS has a built-in optimizedprocessing mechanism to ensure reliable and correct message consumption.

  • High scalability

  DMS has its nodes deployed on distributed clusters, making it highly scalable. 

  • Cloud Eye Service (CES)

CES, integrated into   DMS, monitors the usage of message queues. It reports an alarm if CES detects that too many messages is waiting to be processed