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Telefonica Background

The web service uses the Elastic Load Balance (ELB) service to distribute access requests, thereby improving the service load processing capability.

The cache service uses Redis deployed in clustered mode so that services can horizontally scale.

Relational Database Service (RDS) is used to deploy the big data platform, and the platform works in active/standby mode to ensure data reliability.

The DMP subsystem uses Open CloudElastic BigData Service (BigData) for data storage and analysis.

  • Easy to Use
    The big data solution is easy to use. You can start big data clusters within a few minutes and are freed from node allocation, cluster configuration, and cluster commissioning.
  • Highly Reliable
    System modules or subsystems are all deployed in clustered mode or active/standby mode to prevent single points of failure (SPOFs).
  • Low Cost
    Resources required by data analysis and storage are allocated on demand. The resources can also scale up and down based on service requirements, effectively reducing costs.