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Telefonica Background

Why Open Cloud

We offer a broad set of global compute, storage, networking, database, analytic, application and deployment services
that help organizations move 
faster with lower IT costs and scale applications fast.

You can enjoy all the advantages of Openstack because it is compatible with systems, databases and programming languages ​​that you are using. Open Cloud is designed to have high scalability, high availability, high security and cost efficiency. Discover all these benefits and build what´s next for your business.

Services Availability & Global Regions

Increase your business agility, deploying services where your customers are with a few clicks.

Open Cloud providers rapid provisioning of resources and multi-node services around the world

Services Brazil Chile Mexico Argentina Peru USA
ECS - Elastic Cloud Server
AS - Autoscalling
IMS- Image Management Service
BMS - Baremetal Server
EVS - Elastic Volume Server
VBS - Volume Backup Service
OBS - Object Storage Server
VPC - Virtual Private Cloud
ELB - Elastic Load Balance
CES - Cloud Eye Service
IAM - Identitty and Access Management
RDS - Relational Database Service

Native Cloud Solutions

Improves the possibilities of developing innovative solutions quickly and cost-effective to meet all your customer requirements

Running your solutions in Open Cloud was never so easy

Pricing Principles

Open Cloud offers cloud computing services to customers with flexible purchase options

We want to make it easy for customers to understand the bills and make payments easily


  • Open Cloud offers Per-minute Billing, If you have a job that runs just for a few minutes you are not forced to pay for an hour
  • Automatic Discounts with increased usage allow you to save money when you use instances for more than 10 days of a month.
  • No Prepaid Lock-In, forget about usage commitments to get better pricing
  • You can combine a sustained use discounting and per-minute billing without usage commitments, prepayment requirements, or price lock-in offers
  • With our pricing model you can get an advantage which becomes apparent when you are considering real-world applications.
  • Your Billing in Local Currency because the prices are based on the region in which your instance is running

Help Center & FAQ Center

Help Center is your starting point for help to learn more about Open Cloud, featuring visual guide, manual, support downloads, tech specs and more…

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